It's Big Daddy JJ-kun!


I am  JJ-kun, a professional talent who loves to play video games and esports!

I commentate / shoutcast esports specializing in Fighting Games, such as Tekken, Pokken Tournament DX, and competitive Pokemon. While I specialize in the said genre, I also shoutcast MOBA games such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Marvel Super War. Currently, I am trying to venture out to other genres like First Person Shooter such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Valorant and Asymmetrical horror-survival games such as Identity V and Dead by Daylight. In addition to shoutcasting, I also organize tournaments myself!

I have worked with many local and international events such as CONQuest Festival, The NationalsRose TowerPKMN-id (Indonesia) and companies such as Gariath Concepts, Cignal TV via eGG Network and One Sports+, TRIC, Playground Hobby Cafe and more.

Aside from that, I hold the position of the following organizations:

PKMN-ph: Pokemon Philippines – Head Administrator / First Video Game Championships (VGC) Official Judge in the Philippines

GO Cavite Esports – Head of Esports Operations

BAYANI – Kanino ka kakampi?! – Influencer

ISC Events and Media – Head of Tournament Operations (CONQuest)

MSI Gaming Philippines – Content Creator

At the same time being a commentator, I am also writing video gaming news articles for The Gamers Camp.

I am your everything when it comes to Esports: Consultant, Talent, Writer.

I am Big Daddy JJ-kun.


Side note: I’m currently taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English.

why "jj-kun"?

It’s the initials of my first name and since I’m a Japanese culture enthusiast, I decided to add “-kun”, a Japanese honorific usually used for males. I got used to being called that now.

Speaking Skills

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